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Gift giving can be really tough. Ideally it should be thoughtful, of high quality, very presentable and delivers plenty of excitement to each recipient. For years it's been difficult for us to find appealing food gifts, especially ones that aren't super sweet or terribly unhealthy. We were looking for unique, tasty and fun all elegantly wrapped up in one box. That's why we created Velvet Lantern. And it just so happened that most of our snacks are healthy too.

Each of our tea snacks has been carefully taste-tested and selected to ensure a delicious mix of wonderful flavors and textures that pair well with tea and some good company and conversation. Each product is packed into a resealable pouch to preserve freshness, and then placed inside one of our beautiful reusable, magnetic-seal gift boxes. (Think of all the the things you can hide in the box after the tea snacks are devoured!) We ship throughout the contiguous U.S.

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I’m a fan! I LOVE the packaging. The box is made out of quality materials and it makes the product instantly feel special. I would totally keep it and use it for something else once I’m finished inhaling the delicious treats. The tea-biscuits were delicious and they weren’t too sweet like most snacks out there. And the soybeans & sun seeds were addicting!
– Mai N.
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